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Hose Fittings
We offer Hose Fittings, which are the connectors arranged on the point of the hoses so as to connect them with some other hoses. Commonly, fabricated from aluminium, brass, stainless steel or plastic, these best quality fittings are typically organized with straight sections or specially settled joints and unions.
Jeffy Type QRC
Are you looking for Jiffy Type QRC of unparalleled quality at fair prices? If yes, then begin your search by exploring our range under which Jiffy Type QRC of different specifications, dimensions, sizes and material are available at amazingly fair prices.

Hydraulic Quick Coupler
Buying a good quality Hydraulic Quick Coupler from range provides you with many benefits. Nonpareil quality, affordable price, varied specifications, smooth surface finishing, high corrosion resistivity and great tensile strength, for instance. For this reason, the offered category is highly demanded in the market.

Needle Valves
Similar to all industrial valves, the Needle Valves are also employed for the task of controlling flow. Utilized for the accurate regulation of comparatively low flow rates, these proffer leak-free connections and are resistant to high or low temperatures, corrosion and wear. Applicable for the fields of instrumentation control, cooling, power generation etc., these are made from stainless steel, bronze etc.
Double Check Valves
We offer Double Check Valves, which are the back-flow prevention instruments, specially organized to give protection to water supplies from the impurities. These valves are used in the air brake instruments on heavy trucks. Consisted with two check valves amassed in series, these resist corrosion. Appropriate for the prevention of back siphon-age and back pressures, these should be avoided in high hazard applications.
Single Check Valve Qrc
We provide Single Check Valve Accessories, which are utilized for transferring cold and hot water in commercial, industrial and residential edifices. The construction material of these valves can be brass or steel. Provided in assorted diameter sizing, these are favored for their fast installation and stand as the ideal choices for continuous water supply.
Straight Through Couplings
Straight Through Couplings come with no self-sealing valves and provide minimal resistance to liquid flow. The bodies of these couplings can be built from brass or stainless steel so as to control the flow of liquid without corrosion. Supplied with threaded end connections, these insure simple installation with negligible number of joints and assist in enabling the smooth flow of fluids & gases.
Camlock Couplings
We deal in Camlock Couplings, which are also known as groove couplings. These particular hose couplings are useful for the rapid connections and come in an assortment of materials to be utilized with assorted medias and sizes so as to adapt hose or piping lengths. Offering glitch-free operations, these have high tensile strength.

Quick Connect Couplers
We deal in Quick Connect Couplers, which are designed in a manner that these can be connected as well as disconnected from the connections without the utilization of tools. Provided products eliminate the disruption of gas and liquid flow. The advantages of the utilization of these these couplings are their speed, simplicity of changing lines, diminution in labor time, zero material loss etc.  
Mould Couplings
Air Hose Couplings
Offered Air Hose Couplings come with assorted types and are featured with air hose devices. The construction of these couplers has been done with carbon steel, stainless steel, malleable iron, brass and other metal alloys. These find utilization in agriculture, construction, chemical plants, offshore rigs, chemicals, oil refineries, electronic, mining and various other industries.
Offered Piping Couplings are fundamentally the small sized pipes used for piping as well as plumbing utilization. These couplings enable the welding, brazing, soldering and joining of two and more tubes. These can feature female pipe threads on both of their endings and can also feature one plain side and one threaded side. These are applicable for plumbing systems in industrial plants, building construction, water and gas supply systems etc.
Miller Type Coupling
We offer Miller Type Quick Couplings, which are widely employed in the electrical, automobile and mechanical industries for proffering the protection from overloads. These couplings are accessible in the materials of mild steel and carbon steel. Provided products are appropriate for presenting waste water, sludge, concrete, potable drinking water, compressed air.
Straight Through QRC
Grab the best deals on Straight Through QRC offered under our category of the same. If you have any specific requirements, all those can be fulfilled by buying the coupler from our offered range at highly competitive prices and on-time.